Widely known as a versatile footballer, Rooney started his career in 1996 with Everton.

10. Wayne Rooney

That is why he is the most followed basketball player on Twitter, with 20.3 million followers.

9. Kevin Durant

Gerard is one of the most handsome athletes with deep blue eyes and deserves to have a huge fan following on Twitter with 20.3 million followers.

8. Gerard Pique

Ronaldinho spent most of his time playing as an attacking midfielder and gained respect and a hefty fan following on Twitter of 20.9 million across the globe.

7. Ronaldinho

Twitter has most of his fans, including 25.5 million followers who are really supportive and love to see his updates.

6. Andres Iniesta

Football Currently, he has 29.3 million followers on his Twitter account, with fanatical fans who desperately wait to see his activities.

5. Kaka

That is the reason he has a massive fan following on his Twitter account, with 37.6 million.

4. Sachin Tendulkar

That is why he gets intention from all of his social media accounts, especially on Twitter, as he has 52 million followers.

3. LeBron James

Neymar makes a huge amount of money through sponsorships for his social media accounts, as he has 57.7 million followers on Twitter.

2. Neymar

CR7 now has 102.9 million followers on his Twitter account.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo