Totti says he found out his wife of 17 years was cheating on him

Totti married former showgirl and TV presenter Blasi in 2005 and they have three children together. In any case, they announced that they had separated in July, and Totti has now revealed the explanation for the split.

The 45-year-old retired from football in 2017 and admitted he struggled to adapt without being on the pitch before losing his father to Covid in October 2020. During these difficult times, he felt that his significant other was not there. to comfort him.

  • Francesco Totti and his better half Ilary Blasi announced their separation in July 2022
  • Totti said his better half did not support him when he retired from football
  • Similarly, he made sure she wasn’t there to comfort him when his father kicked the bucket
  • Totti expressed that he discovered a year ago that his better half was unfaithful to him
  • He revealed that his significant other’s infidelity caused him to persevere with wretchedness

Roma legend Francesco Totti had claimed his relationship with Ilary Blasio broke up after she failed to support him after he retired from football and when his father died of Covid-19.

After their separation, there was some hypothesis that Totti might have undermined Blasi as he currently has another accomplice, Noemi Bocchi.

Regardless, Totti hoped to silence any misinformation and revealed that he had come to realize that his better half was undermining him last year.

Totti recognized that learning of his better half’s betrayal had taken a serious toll on his mental well-being and credited Bocchi with helping him overcome this troubled time in his life.

his dad Enzo (R) with Covid-19 in October 2020 and feels that his better half has not comforted him

“Here was proof (of commitment). Current realities. Plus it made me sad. At this moment, I couldn’t imagine that nothing was happening, but it wasn’t me anymore, it was a different person. I got out because of Noemi,” he added.

Totti and Blasi currently seem inclined to settle their issues in court, but Totti believes it won’t happen at that point.

I’m afraid Ilary will end up in court. I really believe we will agree.

“I’m quiet at the moment. It cost me half a year of my life tonight. I would prefer to discuss football and Roma more than once, which I generally say in my heart,” he said.

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Blasi is keeping quiet on the occasion, but he might be able to hold his own in court

Meanwhile, Blasi refuses to reveal much at this stage and her legal adviser, Alessandro Simeone, expressed on her behalf: ‘I have consistently protected my children and I will continue to protect them.’

However, according to Corriere Della Sera, Blasi is said to have told her companions, “I found things that could destroy about fifty families,” proving that she has her own side of the story to tell when she feels all is well and good.

That opportunity could come in court, with a report from Corriere Della Sera claiming that Totti and Blasi’s relationship has weakened considerably since they went into isolation two months ago.

They speculate that the attempt could be dangerous, with the pair depending on “dirty moves” and revealing new data around them.

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