Top 10 Women Boxers in 2022

Boxing, one of the oldest fighting sports, is where two people compete against each other using their full strength and speed. The sport requires dedication and hard work. Check Top 10 Women Boxers in 2022.

Women’s boxing is a different game. It takes more effort to become a champion. Today, we will discuss the Top 10 Women Fighters in 2022.

Top 10 Women Boxers in 2022

Boxing game is currently a famous game. It is the best game played worldwide. There are many championships played for women Boxers in 2022.

The Boxing game shows the skill. It is one of the famous games as Boxing games which is played worldwide. Here are the Top 10 Women Boxers in 2022.

1. Katie Taylor

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Katie Taylor, the Irish champion in boxing, is currently the top female champion in the world. She is the Undisputed Champion of World Lightweight Boxing. She is the current Undisputed World Lightweight Champion.

2. Claressa Shields

Claressa, an American boxer and World Champion, is the second on our list. She is the Junior Middleweight Undisputed champion and Middleweight Undisputed champion.

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She did this in two weight categories. Her professional career in boxing was in 2016 and has since won the world title in every category other than Middleweight.

3. Delfine Persoon

Belgian Professional Boxer Delfine Persoon. She won the International Boxing Federation women’s lightweight title in 2012.

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She was also the female lightweight champion of the International Boxing Federation from 2012 to 2019.

4. Christina Hammer

Christina Hammer is a German-born, Kazakhstani-born boxer who ranks eighth on our roster. She held the World Boxing Organization female Mediumweight title for almost 10 years, 2010-2019.

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She also had the World Boxing Council female and male Middleweight titles during 2016-18. Christina Hammer is Super Middleweight Champion.

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5. Savannah Marshall

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Savannah Marshal, British Professional Boxer, is our seventh fighter. She is the Middleweight Champion. She has held it since 2020.

6. Yesica Bops

However, the last person on our list is Yesica Yolanda Bops (Argentine pro boxer). She is a World Champion in multiple weight divisions. She won the World Boxing Association female lightweight title in 2020.

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From 2009 to 2013, she was also the World Boxing Organization’s female lightweight champion. Other than these, Yesica was the World Boxing Organization’s female flyweight champion in 2014.

7. Amanda Serrano

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Amanda Serrano (Professional Boxer) is from Puerto Rico and is the third boxer on our list. She is Featherweight unified champ. She has won nine world titles in approximately seven weight categories and holds the Guinness World Record.

8. Jessica McCaskill

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Our fourth boxer, Jessica McCaskill (American professional boxer), is from America. She holds the Welterweight Undisputed champion title. Since 2020, she has had the International Boxing Organisation Female Welterweight titles.

9. Mikaela Mayer

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Mikaela Mayer is fifth on the list. American professional boxer Mikaela Joslin Mayer is the Junior Lightweight Unified Champion. She holds the Woman Boxing Organisation Female title starting in 2020 and the International Boxing Federation Female title beginning in 2021.

10. Seniesa Estrada

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American boxer Seniesa Maria Carmen Estrada is now the World Champion. This was after her stellar performance over the last few years. Since March, she has held the World Boxing Association’s Minimumweight title. In addition, she was the Junior Flyweight Champion.

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