Top 10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers in The World

As time passes, the generations get better and more fit, but these days. We’ll see wrestlers who are tall and massive. This is because there’s always a need for an appearance that resembles a monster in the wrestling ring. Check Top 10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers in The World.

List of the tallest WWE wrestlers who have won the Heavyweight Champion as part of the WWE title belt many times. It is crucial to have a distinct persona to make sure that we are kept in our minds. Let’s take a look at all the top 10-foot WWE wrestlers from all over the world.

The Top 10 Tallest WWE wrestlers around the World

Many created a huge name for themselves by taking on the role of the wrestler. WWE Wrestlers are famous worldwide. Wrestlers are most well-known for their involvement in WCW, WWF, and TNA.  WWE Wrestlers have wrestled on many rings. Here is the list of the Top 10 Tallest WWE wrestlers around the World.

10. The Undertaker

Mike William Calaway 6 feet 10 inches grappler. He is famous for his role as The Dead Man or The Funeral director, located in Houston, Texas. Undertaker is thought to be the best wrestler for a long time and remains in the WWE.

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He has also won his World Heavyweight Champion part of the WWE title belt many times. Besides, he has won The World Heavyweight Title belt many times. During the time he joined the WWE He created a huge name for himself by taking on the role of The Undertaker.

9. Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is 6 feet 11 inches American performer who is also a seasoned grappler.  But, Diesel is recognized as his real name, as well as the character Diesel.

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Diesel has won many championship belts, beginning in The WWF World Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships in the WWE.

8. Robert Maillet

Robert Maillet is an earlier 7-foot tall Canadian performer, and also a skilled grappler. The name is well-known due to his involvement with the WWF between 1997 and 1999. During this time, he was a member of the organization under Kurrgan. He is a part of both the Truth Commission and the Oddities.

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Kurrgan was first introduced to WWF in the year 1991. He was dubbed the Cajun Giant, he beat his boxing opponent in the fight with Bob Bradley. In the Super World of Sports, Kurrgan was also known as Kurrgan the Giant Goliath.

7. Big Cass

William Morrissey is well-known under the moniker Big Cass. The world was introduced to him by Glendale, Queens, New York City He was an understudy at Archbishop Molloy’s High School. He also was a part of the Irish as well as an Italian tradition. His tenacity in combats isn’t found as tall WWE wrestlers. He stood 7 feet tall.

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Large Cass was a wrestler with instruction in wrestling. At the famed wrestling academy associated with American athlete Johnny Rodz in Brooklyn, New York.

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6. Kane

Kane began his career in Madrid, Spain with the real name of Glen Jacobs and is a competent WWE grappler. After receiving training from Ray Candy and Dean Malenko, Kane appeared in the wrestling world. Glen started his professional career as a wrestler with the WWE starting around 1993.

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The first time he made his way into the WWE Ring. He would dress in the veil-covered bodysuit and gloves at a 7-foot height. But, now he goes to the ring only wearing jeans and boots, without any veil.

5. Big Show

Big Show is an American wrestler who is frequently considered to be one of WWE’s greatest grapplers. He is huge in stature that is seven feet tall. In his career as a wrestler, he has been crowned seven times champion around the globe. The only wrestler who has held all 5 titles in his career.

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To be exact, WCW Heavyweight Title twice as well as The WWE Championship twice. WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice and ECW World Heavyweight Championships once.

4. The Great Khali

Dalip Singh Rana known as “the Great Khali is an Indian-created American adept grappler who was a former World Heavyweight Champion. Only Indian to have been the winner of the World Heavyweight Championship in the WWE records. The legendary Khali began his WWE career as a criminal, slaying the Undertaker and exposing him to danger during his fight with Mark Henry.

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On the 12th day of May in the WWE SmackDown episode, John Bradshaw Layfield selected Khali to face Rey Mysterio (Title holder) and Khali was victorious by doing Acrobatics. Khali was able to defeat The Undertaker with a head-battering. With Daivari’s help Khali, he continued to show his strength in the face of his handicaps.

3. Giant Silva

Paulo Cesar da Silva is a former basketball player in the public arena who was a member of Brazil’s Brazilian soccer team. He had a highly successful professional career in B-ball, but later on, he went to. Silva was a part of the Army craftsman, and an official wrestler, who was known as Giant Silva.

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Silva was well-known for Silva’s height, which was 7’2′ during his year of 2014. He was described by some as being one of the 6 tallest grapplers recorded.

2. Andre the Giant

Andre Renee Russimoff, also popularly known by the name Andre the Giant, was a French wrestler and performer from France. He was 7 feet and 4 inches tall when you think about the reason for his height, which came later. Andre shut his eyes the world’s best wrestler.

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The wrestler was given the title “The Eighth Wonder in the World.” Andre The Giant is believed to not have been injured for a long time due to pinfalls or other injuries during his WWE professional career before WrestleMania III.

1. Jorge Gonzalez

With a size of eight feet (2.4 meters), Jorge Gonzalez is the highest WWE wrestler to ever compete. Jorge Gonzalez is famous for his participation in World Championship Wrestling by the El Gigante in the years 1989 and 1989.

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Gonzalez joined the organization from 1989 until the year 1992. Gonzalez was also a member of the World Wrestling Federation by the name of Monster Gonzalez beginning around 1993.

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