Top 10 MotoGP Riders of all Time

If the all-time top 10 MotoGP list was decided by ubiquity, then Valentino Rossi is a winner by knockout. The charming Italian is known under the moniker The Specialist. Check Top 10 MotoGP Riders of all Time.

They have been distributing the wrath to his adversaries for nearly a fourth of a very long time. Recently, Marc Marquez has tested Rossi’s spot as the current successor to the legendary Giacomo Agostini.

The Top Ten MotoGP riders of all Time

MotoGP riders have played around with F1 and revitalizing, and include having an in-house cruiser race team. Making stock for the same amount as Every other participant on the MotoGP matrix.

MotoGP riders have major showdowns with a progressive format and 14 TT races before racing in F1 and races before dashing in F1 and Monitors in the 24-hour race. Here is the list of the Top Ten MotoGP riders of all Time.

1Valentino Rossi

World titles 7 (2001-2005 (2008), 2009-2008)

The most famous cruiser-racer in history, Rossi is viewed as an icon by his fans around the globe. A MotoGP winner title victor Honda and Yamaha He did not repeat that feat at the event.

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Doomed stretch Italian manufacturer Ducati. He also owns his former local pizza restaurant.

2Giacomo Agostini

World titles 8 (1966-1972 1975)

Prior reigned supreme over motorcycle racing for a significant amount of time and came first in the race for Eight chief class championships as well as seven championships in the 250cc category. He also came out winning in the top 10 races at Isle of Man TT.

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Whatever the case, this was after the passing of a close friend in the TT in 1972; he was being removed from Big Showdown Plan five Years after the fact. A winner of the cruiser race at Daytona He also competed in the 23 F1 Grand Prix.

3Marc Marquez

World titles 6 (2013-2014 2016, 2016-2019)

The humble Spaniard performed like the wind in MotoGP in 2013, taking home two consecutive wins. Championships and four progressive titles began in 2016. Marquez was a champion in another.

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His riding style is one that his opponents have all been compelled to emulate. He began the 2020 season with his younger brother Alex as his co-partner with Alex, his younger sibling. Repsol Honda.

4Mick Doohan 

World titles 5 (1994-1998)

The creative Australian was a swathe of Honda for quite a while starting in 1989. And then they changed to the most common pairing of five titles that developed in the mid to late eighties. After that, there was In a process of resigning.

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He fell off his F1 test, and then his rally debuts. It’s an emotional high-speed rollercoaster named for him Queensland.

5Mike Hailwood

World titles 4 (1962-1965)

Also known as Mike The Bicycle Hailwood was employed in the family’s cruiser showroom before going on to compete race. Honda, to race for Honda MV Augusta.

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The driver was killed in an accident with a car fender Bender. Along with his 9-year-old daughter in 1981.

6John Surtees

World titles 4 (1956 1958-1960)

Admired by all semblances of Rossi for being the most dominant racer to finish with the top prize in the head huge showdown of class in both the vehicle and cruiser hustling. He was a hustler for famous brands such as Norton.

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Norton and MV Augusta before dashing and MV Augusta before slapping F1 groups like Lotus and Ferrari and MV Augusta, taking home the 1964 championship. He died in 2017.

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7Eddie Lawson

World titles 4 (1984 1987, 1988 1987, 1988-1989)

After the game, it was overpowered by sponsorship from tobacco companies. Lawson was able to bring three championships won by the Agostini Yamaha team over an extended period of six years.

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Changes to Honda received his final award in 1989. Honda resigned from Italian manufacturer Cagiva around the mid the 1990s.

8Kenny Roberts 

World titles 3 (1978-1980) 

Roberts was involved with one of the top races of his career as he fought with amazing. He was a challenger to Barry Sheene to win the 1979 English Fabulous Prix at Silverstone.

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And set the stage for a stunning momentous moment of three consecutive worlds of three world titles. His son, Kenny Roberts Jnr, was also a winner in the biggest Showdown in 2000.

9.  Casey Stoner

World titles 2. (2007 2011, 2011)

A formidable competitor to Rossi his former nemesis. He did achieve it by winning the MotoGP title together with Ducati in 2007 with Ducati.

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Due to medical issues, a switched back to Honda. After 2011 brought the title with the prickly Australian winning a second world championship.

10. Jorge Lorenzo

World titles 3 (2010 2013, 2012, 2015) 

The so-called”Simple” of cruiser hustling holds three world-class head titles to his name. Yet an egregious time he spent together with Ducati in 2017-18.

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He took the shine off his achievements. He was back with Yamaha Recently; he was a test rider after the decision to quit dashing.

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