Who is the top 10 most beautiful women in WWE 2022?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is one of the best famous and old wrestling platforms where you can enjoy several greatest WWE wrestler’s contests. This is a platform where you can watch the wrestling of both men and women. Check top 10 most beautiful women in WWE 2022.
The woman started their WWE career and is now a performer in the Raw division of WWE. The woman enjoyed a successful career in wrestling and has many passionate fans around the world.

 Top 10 Gorgeous & Hottest WWE Divas in 2022

Beautiful women in WWE are currently performing on the Smackdown stage of WWE. And began their work with WWE as NXT. These WWE Divas are attractive and hot with their beautiful face, curvy figure, and gorgeous features.
women in WWE are stunning, hot, and beautiful female wrestlers. Hottest WWE Divas have huge fans worldwide on social media. Here is the list of the Top 10 Gorgeous & Hottest WWE Divas in 2022.

10. Lana

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Catherine Joy Perry is next on the list, better known as Lana. This American professional woman wrestler was born on 24 December. March 1985.

This woman is hot right now because of her captivating beauty and hotness. Her blonde hair, hazel eyes, and large figure make her one of WWE’s most popular divas in 2022.

9. Carmella

Credit:- WWE / top 10 most beautiful woman in WWE 2022

Leah Van Dale (the next most beautiful and hottest WWE Diva) is our second choice. She is well-known by her ring name Carmella.

She is a professional American woman wrestler who was birthed on 23rd October 1987.

8. Eva Marie

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Eva Marie is the top WWE diva in 2022. This beautiful American professional female wrestling wrestler, who stands 5 feet 8inches tall, was born on 19 Th September 1984.

Eva Marie, who began her career in WWE in July 2013 is currently part of SmackDown.

7. Billie Kay

Credit:- WWE

Australian professional female wrestler Jessica McKay known by her ring name Billie Kay is currently the hottest diva within WWE. She is attractive and bold, which amazes WWE fans around the globe.

Kay now performs as Raw Brand. She began her WWE wrestling career in June 2007 with great success. The 5ft 8in hot female wrestler has millions of fans around the world.

Due to her beauty, impressive performance, and sexy figure.

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6. Mandy Rose

Credit:- SportzWiki

Mandy Rose is an American professional wrestler. She was just 18 when she was born. The July 1990-1991 Mandy is loved because of her beautiful personality, great fitness figure, and stunning beauty.

She is currently performances amazing under the SmackDown name. In 2015, she began her career in WWE as a female wrestling champion.

5. Charlotte Flair

Credit:- 411Mania

Ashley Elizabeth Flair also known as Charlotte Flair is currently considered the most beautiful. And most popular WWE diva for 2022.

She is a professional American wrestling wrestler. April 1986. Ric Flair, the WWE legend wrestler, was her mother.

Charlotte Flair currently appears under Raw Brand in WWE. PWI readers also named her the top female pro wrestler. This tall female wrestler of 5′ 10″ is well-known and loved by huge fans around the world.

4. Dana Brooke

Credit:- WWE

She better known by her ring name Dana Brooke is a professional American wrestler, She was born on 29 Th 1988.

She is currently performing with SmackDown. She’s also well-known for being one of the hottest WWE divas. She has a flawless figure and a charming personality.

Dana was awarded her first WWE contract in July 2013, and she began her career on this huge platform. Her beautiful features are highlighted by her blonde hair, black eyes, and perfect body size of 37-27-30.

She has enormous fans around the world because she is one of the WWE Divas. Dana Brooke was proud of her accomplishment in 2016 when she ranked 26th among the top female wrestlers.

3. Becky Lynch

Credit:- MSNBC

She is always the name to call when it comes down to the sexiest and best-looking diva of WWE. Becky Lynch, Rebecca Quin’s ring name, is a professional Irish wrestler signed to RAW under the WWE platform. She was born on June 30, Th January 1987.

Becky began training as a professional wrestler in 2002 and became a success. She is one of the most ferocious female wrestlers in WWE.

This WWE diva has a reputation for her hotness, aggression, and sexiness. She is appealing because of her brown eyes and brown hair. She is the current hottest WWE Diva.

2. Aliyah

Credit:- WWE

Aliyah is a Canadian professional wrestler who is known for being one of the most beautiful WWE divas in 2022. She was created in Toronto, Canada on 23/11/1994. Aliyah measures 160cm in height with a weight of 51 Kg.

Aliyah is loved for her charismatic personality. She is gorgeous with a perfect curve. People love her because she’s hot and is a top contender in the wrestling world.

1. Alexa Bliss

Credit:- WWE

Alexis Kaufman, known as Alexa Bliss in WWE, is another WWE Diva. She is a female professional wrestler from the United States. August 1991.

Alexa began her WWE journey in May 2013, when she was assigned to NXT as a developmental brand.

This beautiful female wrestler has a huge following all around the world. Her perfect body and gorgeous blondie blonde hair are a testament to her beauty. She is the first woman to be awarded two SmackDown women’s titles.

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