The FIA has delayed its investigation into F1 budget cap violations

The ruling from the inquiry into whether teams over the budget cap last season has been postponed by the regulatory body of Formula One, who says it will be announced next week. Check out complete details about it below.

The FIA has delayed its investigation into F1 budget cap violations

When Red Bull driver Max Verstappen narrowly defeated Lewis Hamilton in a contentious final lap of the penultimate race to win his maiden world championship, F1 established a budget ceiling of $145 million that year. Last weekend, Christian Horner, the team’s principal, reacted strongly to what he called “fictitious assertions” that the Red Bull Racing team had over its budget, a violation that might result in a suspension.

According to reports, Aston Martin was another team that allegedly exceeded the quota when the governing body FIA’s analytical findings were first expected on Wednesday.

The review of financial filings is a protracted and difficult procedure that is ongoing, On Wednesday, the FIA revealed that As previously mentioned there has been considerable and unsupported speculation and supposition in respect to this situation, and the FIA reiterates that no more information will be supplied until it is resolved.

Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes team, has urged that the FIA intervene if Red Bull or other teams have infringed the regulations, and Ferrari has also voiced its displeasure.

The budget limitation was implemented with the intention of levelling the playing field in F1 and limiting the financial clout of dominant teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

Excluding driver pay and engine expenses, the scaled-down budget was set at $140 million for 2022 and falls to $135 million for 2023.

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