The Australian Team Is enjoying Continental Food In Mohali, First T20 Match of the series will be played here

On the evening of 20 September at the IS Bindra Cricket Stadium in Mohali, there will be an interesting T20 match between the teams of India-Australia. For this, the Australian team reached Hotel The Lalit located in IT Park, Chandigarh on Friday. The Indian team came to Chandigarh on Saturday.

Many players including captain Rohit Sharma, and former captain Virat Kohli reached the hotel on Saturday evening. The Indian players spent some time together after meeting the Australian players and then the Indian players also went to their rooms to rest. Although all the players were also seen roaming around the hotel from time to time.

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Players Drank Soup and Tasted Some Light Food

After resting for some time, all the players first drank soup and tasted some light food, but like every time, the Australian players enjoyed the continental food this time too. The Australian team preferred the continental gravy food the most. The hotel management also provided other facilities to the players including a separate continental food corner.

For the players, there was on-order delivery in their room as well. There was no shortage of any kind in hosting the Australia team, so the hotel management kept every employee, including its housekeeping staff, and food and beverage staff, in the care of the team.

Continental Food for the Australia team

The menu card of the hotel features several items from the Australian team’s favorite continental food.

Plain Omelette/Condiment/Poached/Scrambled/Fried Grilled Sausage/Grilled Bacon/Potato Wedges/Saute Mushrooms/Steamed Vegetables/Baked Beans

Pancakes/Waffles Served with Chocolate Sauce/Maple Syrup/Whipped Cream/Honey Infused with Ginger, Gluten Free, and Vegan Pancakes/Waffles

Breakfast Menu (6:30AM -10:30AM)

Every player of the Australian team has on-order food delivery in the room, but apart from this, there is also a time fixed for every activity from morning till night. Breakfast Salad / Fresh Juice / Veg Juice / Cut Fruit Platter – Papaya / Pineapple / Banana / Watermelon / Melon / Apple, Bakers Basket / Cornflakes / Wheat Flakes / Muesli Served With Hot

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