Sri Lanka: The Asia Cup 2022 Winning Team Changed the Dubai’s Track Record

Sri Lanka defeated Pakistan by 23 runs to win the Asia Cup 2022 title. For the first time, this tournament was organized in 1984. This is the sixth time in 38 years that the Sri Lankan team has become the champion. This time Sri Lanka was considered to be one of the weakest teams at the start of the tournament.

Nevertheless, after this India’s southern neighbors made a comeback to be recorded in golden letters on the pages of history. They stunned the entire cricketing world. The vibrancy with which Sri Lankan cricketers have won the title in the midst of economic and political turmoil in their country. It is nothing short of a miracle.

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Changed Dubai’s track record

There were a total of 13 matches between the top-9 teams at the Dubai International Cricket Ground from the last T20 World Cup to this Asia Cup and the team batting second won all. So Sri Lanka’s score of 170 seemed simple for Pakistan.

After all, the track record was so one-sided, but from here Sri Lanka did the third big miracle and kept Pakistan’s batting tied. The Pakistan team was restricted to 147 runs. Sri Lanka won the Asia Cup title. SL team is just one step behind India in terms of winning the Asia Cup for the most time.

The start of this Asia Cup for Sri Lanka was no less than a disaster. In the very first match, they lost to the novice team Afghanistan. It was believed that they could also lose to Bangladesh and would be out of the tournament in the first round itself, but the Sri Lankan players came back this time showing amazing solidarity.

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