Sindhu To Miss Nationals because of Injury

P V Sindhu, a two-time Olympic winner, will not compete in the National Games as she has not entirely cured from an acute injury, however the star athlete will be there at the inaugural.

Sindhu To Miss Nationals because of Injury

With other athletes, Sindhu will attend the opening ceremony in Gujarat on September 29. Sindhu, who suffered an ankle injury during the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, is making progress toward recovery. On October 2, the Surat Badminton tournament gets underway. “I regret that my injuries will prevent me from taking part in the Games. I would have undoubtedly represented my state (Telangana) if I had been in better physical condition, Sindhu stated.

All the athletes I’ve spoken to are enthusiastic about the National Games, which are a fantastic chance for all athletes. The badminton bouts will be fascinating, I’m sure. Sindhu, who won a silver and a bronze medal at the Olympics in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, respectively, is the national badminton player of India.

She said that It’s crucial to look after heteself and concentrate on the difficulties that lie ahead in the 2023 Asian Games and 2024 Paris Olympics. PV Ramana, Sindhu’s father and a professional volleyball player, expressed regret that she was unable to participate in the National Games. She had a strong desire to compete. She is unable to do so, sadly, as her next appointment with the doctors and MRI is scheduled for the first week of October, according to him.

A stress fracture has been identified as the cause of the damage to her left ankle. The main focus of the therapy is to give the ankle time to rest.

Recently, Sindhu was unable to participate in the World Championship because she needed to rest. She has been instructed to continue resting after her most recent meeting with orthopaedic specialists in Hyderabad.

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