Shane Watson Ranks TheUnofficial 5 Test Batters, Says “Babar Azam Is Probably No.2” And Picks Virat Kohli As No.1.

Previous Australia National Cricket Team all-rounder Shane Watson has positioned the informal Big 5 Test players – Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Babar Azam – concerning their exhibitions in the most flawless configuration of the game.

During a discussion with Isa Guha on the ICC Review, Watson said that the previous India National Cricket Team captain Kohli is the best Test hitter and positioned him in the No.1 position among the informal Big 5.

“I’m continuously going to say Virat Kohli in light of the fact that he simply keeps on keeping up with that reach in all organizations. He has such focused energy each time he goes out there to play for India and he simply keeps up with it. So in Test cricket, yes Kohli,” he said.

He added that the Australia National Cricket Team Test bad habit skipper Smith isn’t ruling the bowlers like he used to do before, thus, he has been dropped down on his rundown. Watson said that the Pakistan National Cricket Team chief Babar is the No.2 Test player and Smith is No.3 on his rundown.

“One thing is that Steve Smith began to fall off a smidgen. It is only that it seems as though he not coming down on bowlers as he did when he was at his very best. So for my purposes, Steve kind of dropped down on that rundown a tad. Babar Azam is currently playing just staggeringly well and we can look at how well he is adjusting his game to Test cricket too. So Babar is likely No.2 right now,” he said.

Williamson simply knows how to bat and come down on the bowlers – Shane Watson

Previous Australia National Cricket Team all-rounder further said that the New Zealand National Cricket Team chief Williamson, who has been battling with elbow issues lately, knows how to come down on the bowlers. He added that the previous England National Cricket Team chief Root and Kiwi Williamson are at the last two spots on his rundown of informal Big 5 Test hitters.

“Couple of elbow issues Kane Williamson. He simply knows how to bat and come down on the bowlers. Joe Root has had somewhat of a period. It is unusual the way that these top-notch hitters have these stage where rather than scoring those enormous hundreds, score the 70s or 80s regardless hugely affect the game yet can’t keep up with those genuine elevated expectations they set themselves by scoring those large runs as they did before,” he made sense of.

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