S. Shrikrishna Makes It to Finals of World Men’s 6 Red Snooker Championship

The current national champion of India, S. Shrikrishna, defeated Thailand’s Issara Kachaiwong 5-0 in the semifinal round to get to the final of the World Men 6Red Snooker Championship 2022.

S. Shrikrishna Makes It to Finals of World Men’s 6 Red Snooker Championship

The 22-year-old Shrikrishna was on a roll early on because to his outstanding potting and deft cue-ball handling. With breaks of 49 in the first and 46 in the third, he swept the opening three frames to take a commanding lead in the game.

Issara won first blood in the fourth frame after a lengthy absence, and with the assistance of a superb long pot, he started his performance to win the frame and take the lead with 30 points. When Issara missed a red pot in accordance with the rules at that time, Shrikrishna returned to the table and cleared every ball with a break score of 41 to take a 4-0 lead in the best-of-nine-frames contest.

Shrikrishna outsmarted Issara in each game-related area over the course of four frames by maintaining his cool under pressure and using a calculated approach.

Shrikrishna opened the fifth session by scoring 22 points once more. Issara returned to the table after an unsuccessful effort to break the group, scoring some helpful 15 points but having little chance of winning his opening frame.

However, after a few brief exchanges between the two players, Shrikrishna successfully trapped Issara inside the D by using his outstanding billiards skills.

Issara, who was unable to escape, was forced to create a space for Shrikrishna, who took advantage of it to end the game by a score of 43–15 and take the frame and the match 5-0.

On Monday morning, James Wattana of Thailand was also eliminated by Shrikrishna after he took the decisive frame.

When Wattana made a break of 68 to lead 3-2, Shrikrishna responded by winning the following two frames with a counter break of 68. Shrikrishna had been consistent early on and had taken a 2-1 lead.

Again, Wattana won the frame to tie the score, and in the last frame, Shrikrishna had a little window of chance. He bravely seized the pot in the middle and took charge of the game, clearing the board completely with a break of 62 points to defeat Wattana 5-4.

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