Roman Reigns apparently rejects a significant shift in WWE’s creative

Recent rumours claim that Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman oppose The Tribal Chief character becoming a babyface.

Roman Reigns apparently rejects a significant shift in WWE’s creative

The biggest superstar in the whole WWE at the moment, Reigns is the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He has already made hints that he currently has significant creative influence over his persona.

The champion “refuses” to have The Tribal Chief persona change into babyface, according to the most recent Ringside News article. Reigns’ Special Counsel Paul Heyman reportedly feels the same way about his character.

Roman Reigns’ fan base became weary of his persona because WWE steadfastly refused to convert him into a villain for a very long period.

At SummerSlam 2020, though, promotion allowed him to truly embrace his dark side. A week later, he won the Universal Championship, which he is still wearing today.

What Reigns had to say about what caused him to become a heel is as follows:

“In other words, it was one of those situations where you said, “Man, I want to do this because I know I can tap into a new level of character work.” I am aware that, as a performer, I am capable of adding a great deal more layers, but the statistics simply wouldn’t allow it. When the chance arose, I seized it. It resembled a team conversation. Obviously, you need to involve the powerful man and get his approval. But everything simply seemed to come together at the right time.”

For Reigns’ career, switching his gimmick has been a huge success. He is currently producing some of the best work as a massive heel and is a significant merchandiser.

Reigns is frequently highlighted in WWE’s best angles as a heel and as the current top champion, and it appears that he will maintain his position for a very long time.

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