Robert Lewandowski is ‘fired up’ to lead against Bayern Munich

With Bayern Munich hosting Barcelona in their UEFA Champions League second leg, Robert Lewandowski will be in the spotlight. Barca boss Xavi admitted the Pole is tipped to perform well against his previous team.

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona will be special for some reasons. Whether it’s the ‘return’ of Robert Lewandowski to the Allianz Arena or the idea of ​​a tie between the two clubs, the football world is anxiously awaiting the ‘unique’ battle between two football giants.


  • Bayern Munich host Barcelona at the Allianz Arena in their second leg of the UEFA Champions League.
  • It would be the first time Robert Lewandowski would return to Munich as a player since completing his paperwork for Barca midway through the year.
  • Barcelona director Xavi admitted the Polish forward is too energetic to thrive against his previous team.

Speaking to the media just before the UEFA Champions League match between Bayern and Barca, the Spanish club’s director Xavi stated how significant the installation is for Lewandowski, who is driven to perform well against the club where he has spent the last 8 years of his career.

“Robert is perfect. He’s quiet, relaxed, and confident. He’s a signature boss for us. It’s going to be a unique game for him and he’s going to be fired up. I rested him a few days ago so he’s new. We’re a decent second but often it’s nothing. Tomorrow we’ll try to show our character and face possibly the best group on the planet,” said Xavi when given some information about the Polish forward in the press.

Further discussing the qualities Lewandowski brings to Barcelona, ​​the Spaniard stated how the Pole helps the group press higher up the pitch.

“We have Robert with us and he’s vital, but we also have different players. Robert also applies the high press well, he has a decent understanding, his timing and speed gives us tons, he understands how to track the free man. He understands the game quite well. Not only Robert, but like our wingers and midfielders.We have a lot of weapons in attack.

“We came here with all the humiliation on the planet because of our new results, but we endured a ton here last season, so we have to fight really well tomorrow.

That’s the thing that will leave me cheerful, provided the players show our true potential, which is not quite the same as the one we had last season and leave the previous results. I think we have a chance to win tomorrow,” he said.

Xavi expects a close match between Bayern and Barca, especially due to the similarities between the style of play in both groups.

“I believe it will be an even battleground. We both need the ball, we both use high pressure, we hold on when he doesn’t have it, we keep places on our toes. I expect a serious game and we will fight for possession.” We will try to have as much togetherness as can reasonably be expected,” he said.

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