Road Safety World Series 2022: Mismanagement Every Where

The Road Safety Tournament, which is going to start on Saturday in Green Park of the city, seems to be paying off due to negligence. Suddenly a new session list has been sent again by the organizers of the series. In which the name of the Bangladesh team was added. After this, some Bangladesh players reached the ground to practice in the afternoon. Who left for the hotel only at 45.

Due to mismanagement in the matches being held in the city, many flaws are coming to the fore. The NET practice which was scheduled to be held from 9 am to 12 am on Friday morning could not be done. The Sri Lankan team had to practice. The practice was postponed till evening due to weather conditions exceeding 35 degrees Celsius.

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The Sri Lanka team reached Green Park without permission in the evening

In the new practice session schedule released by the organizing company for the matches being held in the city, there was no mention of Sri Lankan players practicing on Friday, yet the Sri Lankan team left the hotel for Green Park at 7 pm. During this, the teams of South Africa and India were practicing in the field. The entire Sri Lankan team bus got stuck in the Ganesh Visarjan jam.

Security lapse of Sri Lankan players

From the hotel to the stadium, there was talk of giving two escort vehicles by the police, but after the VIP road was jammed, not a single police escort was seen.

lack of coordination is a reason

According to the information received, due to a lack of coordination between the organizers of the series, the team management, and the ground manager, the teams are suffering. A Green-Park source said that the match is being held here, but due to the mismanagement of the organizers, all this mess is coming to the fore. The Sri Lankan team was asked to practice for the morning session, but due to the weather, he changed his mind.

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