Kevin Durant Net Worth, Wife, Contract, Status, Height, Age, All You Need to Know

Kevin Wayne Durant is a well-known professional Basketball athlete from America and he plays his games for the NBA. He plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the game. Kevin is a player as a Small Forward/Power Forward, which is a member of the NBA league. Check Kevin Durant Net Worth, Wife, Contract, Status, Height, and Age.

He first started playing as a high school student at National Christian Academy. He also played his game with College Texas from 2006-2007. Learn more about Kevin Durant’s net worth as well as his wife, contract stats, height as well as all other details at this site.

Kevin Durant Net Worth
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Kevin Durant’s Net worth

Durant is among the best footballers. The estimate of his worth based using analysis. He has a net worth of $92.1 Million, making him one of the top-paid players in the world.

The principal sources of revenue for a player are the cricket match. There are many other endorsements of brands to the name of the player during the game.

Kevin Durant Wife

Kevin Durant is said to be with Cassandra Anderson who is a volleyball player. She has been playing since her time in college. Cassandra is a 6’1 weighing who is just doing an impact by her size.

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Kevin Durant Contract

Kevin is contracted with the NBA for four years. He has a contract for four years that is worth $198 million. Here are the details of the contract signed by the player for the next four years.

  • 2022 to 23rd of March: $44.14 Million
  • 2023-24 $47.64 Million
  • 2024-25 $51.17 Million
  • 2025-26 $54.70 Million

Kevin Durant Stats

Here is the information about the stats of the basketball player in the basketball game.

  • 26 April vs. Celtics
  • Min: 47 | Pts: 39
  • 24 April vs. Celtics
  • Min:46 | Pts: 16
  • 21 Apr vs. Celtics
  • Min Pts 27
  • 18 Apr vs. Celtics
  • Pts 23
  • 13 Apr vs. Cavaliers
  • Min:42 | Pts: 25

Kevin Durant’s Bio

NameKevin Wayne Durant
PositionSmall Forward/Power Forward
BornSeptember 29 September 1988
HeightSix feet and 10 inches (2.08 M)
Weight250 lb (109 kg)
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