Jonathan gaming Net Worth, Real Name, Monthly Income, Car, Girlfriend, Birthday Date

The youth of India is not behind in any part. We have many examples to prove this. In fact, everywhere youth is considered an inspiration. Because by the hands of this youth, a decision can be made about how the rest of the future is going to be. Check Jonathan gaming Net Worth, Real Name, Monthly Income, Car, Girlfriend, and Birthday Date.

But make no mistake today I am here to talk about some big IIT inspiration or some pilot, or some academic skill. I came to talk about skills but that is gaming skills. It is not at all easy to get out of conventional ideas and make a name for yourself by doing something unconventional. When that happens, it’s called acting outside the box.

Jonathan gaming Net Worth, Real Name, Monthly Income

Jonathan gaming Net Worth
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Today we will talk about one such young man who made a name for himself by doing something out-of-the-box. He has proved by playing the game that studies alone cannot be the be-all and end-all of a career. You are absolutely right that I am talking about Jonathan Pubji.

He proved himself as a star in the world of gaming at a very young age. Although I would say that initially Jonathan was better known as a PUBG hacker. We know what he is like in the gaming world, but what is he like in the personal world? Many may not know that.

So let’s dive into his personal life without further delay.

Net Worth:

So far Jonathan’s net worth is pretty good as far as we know. His net worth is around two crores in Indian currency. At the same time, I say most of his income comes from YouTube videos and brand promotion.

Real Name:

The real name of this twenty-year-old man is Jonathan Amaral. Although apart from this he has several other nicknames namely Johnny, Hacker, GodL Jonathan, etc.

Monthly Income:

This young man is able to earn around twenty to 25 lakh rupees every month. In this case, most of his sources of income are YouTube and BGMI.

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Birth Date:

Jonathan’s birth date is September 12, 2002, which is well known at a very young age. Of course, I should mention that he was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Parents are forced to fulfill the dreams of children, somewhere there is a responsibility, and somewhere there is a desire. But those parents are very lucky whose unfulfilled dreams are fulfilled by their children.

Jonathan’s parents are among the lucky ones. Jonathan had recently bought his new car. This car was not his dream car at all because it was his father’s unfulfilled dream car. So he too, as a privileged son, bought a BMW 330i series car to fulfill his father’s dream.


According to sources, Jonathan is still single.

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