Don Mattingly will not return as Marlin’s Manager

In a statement released on Sunday, Mattingly announced he would not return to manage the Marlins in 2019. He and team officials came to the conclusion that a new manager was required to take the team forward.

Don Mattingly will not return as Marlin’s Manager

The Miami Marlins, Don Mattingly, and his family are all concerned with what is best for all parties involved. He then reached the conclusion that it was time to move on.

The season finishes when Mattingly’s contract expires. He claimed he had a meeting with Marlins majority owner Bruce Sherman and general manager Kim Ng to discuss the team’s future and that “all parties agreed” it is time for a change.

It’s important to always attempt to do what makes you happy, Mattingly stated on Sunday. “And I carry out those tasks. Sincerity be damned, you are aware of your innermost feelings, you make an effort to be methodical and wait for things to happen, and you just listen to your heart, which will let you know when to act.

After the season is over, his immediate goal is to visit his Evansville, Indiana, home to spend time with his family. Any further events are uncontrollable.

I have loved my accomplishments and the relationships I have built within the organisation, and I am delighted and honoured to have managed the Marlins for the past 7 years, stated Mattingly.

Mattingly, who is currently in the latter month of his seventh season with the Marlins, is currently the club’s all-time leader in managerial victories. In those seven years, he had a record of 437-584 in Miami, with just one winning campaign, a 31-29 record in the pandemic-shortened 2020 year, when the team made its first postseason trip since 2003.

Mattingly also said that general, the teams he have played for have always been competitive. And he have been always been pleased with that.

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