David Beckham received harsh criticism for his promotional video in Qatar

In his World Cup marketing efforts, the former England captain was charged with “stamping out hope” for the LGBTQI community. Beckham has been under fire for his dubious treatment of the LGBT+ community from Dr. Nas Mohamed, who just made history by being the first out homosexual man in Qatar.

David Beckham received harsh criticism for his promotional video in Qatar

In an open letter to Beckham, Dr. Mohamed accused the former Manchester United player of profiting while turning a blind eye. Additionally, he exhorted Beckham to speak out against the injustice. According to reports, the letter was written last month. Additionally, it is the first time a homosexual Qatari has publicly criticised Beckham.

“You are crushing hope for Qatar’s LGBT community. You arrive, accept the payment, and turn a blind eye. Furthermore, you convey the idea that we have absolutely no prospect of escaping our current persecution and living in freedom, according to Dr. Mohamed’s letter, which The Independent was able to get.

Dr. Mohamed continued by saying that Beckham’s PR job for Qatar does not accurately portray the country and ignores the agonising experiences of the LGBTQ+ population.

According to the allegation, Beckham was given a sizable sum of money to promote Qatar and the FIFA World Cup. In a recent commercial, Beckham was seen in Doha riding a motorcycle.

Eric Cantona, a former colleague of Beckham’s at Manchester United, also made fun of the English star for serving as an ambassador for Qatar. Beckham is hardly the only football player to participate in World Cup hosts’ promotional activities. Xavi, the head coach of Barcelona, and Samuel Eto’o, a former striker for Cameroon, have also been seen supporting Qatar in the past.

Even Cantona called Beckham’s agreement with Qatar a “huge mistake.” The former French player emphatically claimed that he would never agree to promote Qatar before the World Cup in an interview with the Athletic.

At Al Bayt Stadium, the FIFA World Cup is scheduled to begin on November 20. Ecuador will play the hosts Qatar in the opening game. On December 18, the summit match is set to take place at Lusail Stadium in Doha.

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