‘Commander driving from the front’, Netizens cool Babar Azam as he gets out subsequent to scoring only 9 goes against Hong Kong

Pakistan and Hong Kong are playing a sink or swim game against Each other to fit the bill for Super 4s of the Asia Cup 2022.

Babar Azam is without a doubt one of the most mind-blowing batsmen of the ongoing age. He has been heaping on a lot of runs lately for the Pakistani group and his batting has driven his side to triumph in different events.

While talking about the absence of game time attributable to the Coronavirus limitations in Hong Kong, the player said that the limitations constrained them to sit out of the game, and the hole has impacted their cricket adversely.

Babar Azam lost his wicket from the get-go in the match against India and he couldn’t make a major score in that frame of mind against Hong Kong too.

Nonetheless, Asia Cup 2022 isn’t going true to form for Babar Azam.

During the third over of the match, Babar Azam attempted to play a straight drive against Hong Kong’s off-spinner Ehsan Khan however he hurled the ball and Ehsan Khan took a splendid plunging to get on his completion to send Babar Azam back to the Pavillion.

Babar Hayat, the center request batsman from Hong Kong said that tension wouldn’t just be on them yet in addition to Pakistan arriving at the Super 4s of the Aisa Cup in a public interview on Thursday.

Conversing with columnists just before their conflict against Pakistan, the Hong Kong hitter said that the experience against Pakistan, which will be a virtual knockout game for the sides, will be a high-pressure game for the two groups Netizens were not satisfied with the manner in which he got out.

Look at not many responses.

Discussing the game, After losing the throw and being approached to bat first, Pakistani batsmen got having a hard time and lost the wicket of their captain.

As we type, Pakistan has scored 40 runs toward the finish of powerplay overs with Mohammad Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman batting together.

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