Canelo Álvarez to ‘leave everything in the ring ‘ against Gennady Golovkin G

The Mexican defends each of his four reality titles in Las Vegas in the third battle between two of boxing’s nastiest adversaries. Álvarez, who expressed a week ago that he was tired of the staredown that comes with pro boxing, also had enough of the normal, well-worn questions.

on Thursday night, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez muttered and stood up as he set up his final confrontation with Gennady Golovkin in their final Q&A session in Las Vegas. Two more long days and evenings had to pass before their fierce competition reached the finish line in the third battle.

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He crossed the stage with focused disdain and arrived to where Golovkin was hanging on to him. They are two of the best warriors in the last hundred years and this trio has been rotting for quite some time.

The rematch, exactly one year after the fact, ended in a weak concentration triumph for Canelo.

Both were significant challenges, but Golovkin turned 40 this year and Álvarez is eight years his junior.

However, all week Golovkin has carved a wonderfully built figure that looks ready to kick in one final extraordinary execution fueled by his endurance through size. Álvarez showed significantly more proclivities and raw malice towards Golovkin.

Out of nowhere, as their eyes met in a way that suggested seeing deep into each other’s veiled selves, Canelo’s right hand closed into a clenched fist. It seemed like a practically mandatory move, but it was also striking.

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Golovkin’s weakness

There was no difference in his appearance, except that as the head-to-head grew stronger, it was hard to turn away from the tension in the tightly covered clenched hand. Interestingly, Golovkin’s left hand was hanging loose and loose. I reconsidered the words Álvarez had spoken the previous evening: “I just have to reject him really hard. That’s the main thing on my mind. Now I’m exceptionally close to doing it.”

The Mexican, who defends each of his four belts as the undisputed super middleweight champion of the world, paused before going after Golovkin again. “He says he’s a nice guy and he’s not. He’s been talking shit about me and that’s why I could do without him. He’s a decent contender, he’s an incredible warrior without a doubt.

In any case, Golovkin is no ordinary contender. The reigning IBF world middleweight champion admits he has beaten Álvarez twice and that belief has prepared him as he moves up in weight to face his opponent again.

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However, Canelo’s mood is fueled more by the information that a second progressive loss would be an individual fiasco. Bivolo’s size was a crucial calculation in just the second loss of Álvarez’s career, which spans 17 years and 61 fights. A loss to a middle-aged Golovkin would erase it.

His basic inclination was to fight Bivol once more. So that’s why we’re here. Plus, I’m happy. It’s an interesting second to have this three.

Until his loss to Bivol, Álvarez was widely considered the #1 pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. He has since, according to many, descended from this dilapidated state – a reality that also angers him. “I actually believe I’m the best competitor on the planet because no one does what I do in boxing. No one is challenged like I am. I don’t have to be challenged [because he makes so much money]. case, I love the test and that’s why I believe I’m still amazing.”

Alvarez disputes with billy joe saunders

I have come to know Álvarez somewhat better in various meetings over the past months. The more she opens up, the easier it is for him to like her.

He did not argue that Saunders should have been taken off the field in an ambulance with a broken orbital bone. But shortly afterward he didn’t show much sympathy for Saunders – who hasn’t boxed again since that wild night.

A year ago, when Álvarez became the primary undisputed super middleweight title holder, he enjoyed a clinical but serious triumph over Caleb Plant – a previously unbeaten American who also tried to get under his skin. The plant was doing decently, but the official secured him in the eleventh round. He will be back in the ring in a month. You can’t effectively survive a beating from Canelo.

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