A minister initiates a probe of the French soccer federation

After allegations of sexual harassment were made against Noel Le Grat, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), France’s minister of sports requested an investigation.

A minister initiates a probe of the French soccer federation

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra met with Le Grat on Friday morning before announcing the commencement of a “audit and control mission” by the state inspection agency in charge of sports. The conference followed the federation’s announcement that it would sue So Foot magazine for defamation after the publication published an article earlier this month alleging that Le Grat had mistreated several female employees. Using quotes from unnamed past and current coworkers as well as alleged inappropriate text messages made by Le Grat to women, the French sports magazine produced a six-page inquiry. Therefore, Foot also discussed the federation’s allegedly harmful culture.

Oudéa-Castéra claimed in a statement that she paid attention to what Le Grat said during their meeting. She stated that it is “imperative” that the FFF continue its operations with the utmost respect for every person, regardless of their position in the hierarchical structure.

As well as urging the federation to “actively assure prevention and fight against all types of discrimination and violence, including sexist and sexual violence,” the minister made the following statement. According to the statement, Le Grat promised to give the inspection mission all current information about the FFF, particularly those pertaining to his management, “with the utmost transparency.”

Le Grat, who is 80 years old, hasn’t responded to the charges in the media. He dismissed rumours that he might step down before his term, which is set to expire in 2024, in an interview with the newspaper L’Equipe this week. His mandate is set to expire after the 2022 World Cup. There is absolutely no reason for me to stop if my health is stable and if I’m in good health, he declared.

The football organisation is not the only one being shaken by allegations of harassment and abuse as the Paris 2024 Olympics approach. The head of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Claude Atcher, was placed on administrative leave by the sports minister last month. The competition begins in Paris in September of the following year.

At Oudéa-request, Castéra’s an internal probe turned out “alarming managerial practises” and “the misery of some personnel.” In the meantime, a work inspection and disciplinary actions were to be taken before making a final decision regarding Atcher’s status.

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